Fibromyalgia issues….

Tim Wydro
2 min readMay 25, 2021

My Story

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder (fibromyalgia) and digestive issues. The pain and symptoms made it very difficult to function on a daily basis. I was battling with muscle pain, chronic fatigue, digestive problems and flu-like symptoms. I also had continual weight gain and acid reflux. My severe digestive issues left me with very few food choices. My dilemma was; how to eat high nutrition foods that were easily digestible and would not trigger my symptoms.

I began doing a lot of research about nutrition, and utilizing my knowledge as a Homeopathic Doctor, I came up with a plan to help my body heal. I knew I needed high nutrition foods to build my immune system blended with foods that would help me heal. My research kept pointing me toward Green Superfoods.

The next thing I did was to purchase and evaluate several of the leading “greens” powders on the market and I found out a few things:

Most of the powders contained powdered vegetables that I can buy fresh at the store.

Many contained cheap fillers in order to make their product appear larger. Several of them did not mix well in water.

They all seemed to have a “grassy” taste. From unpleasant to downright horrible.

I would have to make my own. My goal was to formulate a blend that would contain the most powerful functional Green Superfoods, organic and pure, without any fillers, and a good taste so I would look forward to drinking it. It also had to mix well in plain water, be easily digestible and readily absorbable. After much research, trial and error, I finally had a blend that satisfied all the criteria, but I still had one more step. In addition to using it daily myself, I gave it to others to try it and give me their honest feedback. I received much encouraging feedback, made a few small adjustments in the formula and Power Shot Greens Superfood blend was born!

Mix, shake and drink.

Since then, we have had the honor and privilege of helping thousands of people on their journey to improved health and vitality.

Maria Tarnev-Wydro, HD, BSc.

Founder of Essona Organics,